Text Sells

Text sells. You may bring in the prospects with images or video but in the end it’s the text that pushes them into the call to action that adds them to your sales pipeline.

If you are sure that your text is doing all it can to convert those prospects then you can leave now, you don’t need our help.

  • PPC advert and landing pages tailored to bring in the right targets and stop them bouncing right out again
  • Web copy that grabs attention, creates interest and pulls prospects into your call to action
  • White papers that actually get read and get the reader to interact further with your company
  • Brochures that are customer orientated, show understanding of customer needs and explain how your product can meet those needs in a cost effective way
  • Proof reading and editing of the collateral your team have already created to ensure it is error free and more than just a technical overview.

Copywrite Ink is a small group of IT marketers and authors who love to write and have honed their skills to create marketing and technical copy that sells.

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