Many people write well, and many people are really good marketers.
At Copywrite Ink we have people who are both.
In addition they have a passion for writing for customers.

For most it is a calling, people who enjoy getting up in the morning because they are doing something they love, Your customers could be their next project.

You may have been told that nobody reads white papers anymore, yet we are producing more white papers for our customers than ever before. Why? We write them for four main readers: Google – Yahoo – Bing and of course the people who’s search engine entries brought them to your site looking for the white paper we wrote.

Having a clear understanding of our bimodal readership calls on both sides of our own characters. The marketing side with a clear understanding of search engine marketing and our writing side knowing how to apply the right techniques to captivate and engage then get them to answer the call to action that has prime location in our writing.

if you have a blog you will have created as much content in the first six months as you have since. What started out as a passion has turned into a chore – maybe one that is passed around like taking the twilight shift at nappy change. Give us a list of subjects and a timeline and we will feed quality, topical content to your blog without the “is it my turn again already.”

Product collateral is usually kicked off by the product experts. The people who know the product in such detail that they have a hard time getting down to the level of the prospective buyer. Especially if your products or services serve multiple markets. That’s where we come in. We know market and customers, w have all worked in industry, mostly high tech but there is a car gal kicking around here somewhere. We take what your gurus create and turn it into something that the prospect can relate to – because it clearly understands their needs and explains how it addresses them. We can carry out competitive research as well if that is part of your own needs.

For all of the above we can also turn your data into compelling, easy to understand charts that help the prospect make the right choice. If the deadlines are tight our candles will be burning brightly so that you can rest easy.

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